Alice Flindell (1760 – 1834)

As with most of her siblings, little is known about Alice. Her baptism is recorded at Manaccan, Cornwall on August 3rd 1760. We also know she married Patrick Reilly at Manaccan on July 23rd 1781 and that the witnesses Edward Tresise and Patrick Rowe. Whether she had children is not known.

Little more is known about Reilly other than their marriage record gives his occupation as “mariner”.  He was said to have been a smuggler who was responsible for sinking a Revenue cutter after which he fled to Wales. He later returned to sea with the Royal Navy and in 1821 retired on a pension from Trinity House plus a free house in which to live.

An Obituary for Alice was published “The Gentleman’s Magazine” Sylvanus Urban. Gent, published by J.B. Nichols & Son, 25 Parliament St, London, UK; March 1834 Edition, Page 341which read:

At Deptford, aged 75, Mrs O’Reilly sister of the late Mr. Thomas Flindell, founder of the Cornwall Gazette.

The surname may cause confusion.  Was it Reilly, as noted in the Manaccan parish records, or O’Reilly, as reported by Sylvanus Urban.  Church records have been accepted in this case.