Mary Flindell (Circa 1794- 1874)

Thomas Flindell II and Mary Brunton married in Doncaster on June 2nd 1794 so Mary, their first child was probably born in Doncaster, Yorkshire about 179. Mary was baptised at Helston April 15th 1798 along with her siblings Thomas (born about 1796) and John Brunton (born about 1797), which suggests Thomas and Mary returned to the West Country at this time.

Mary married George Simpson at All Hallows, Goldsmith Street, Exeter on June 14th, 1816[1]. Simpson owned and founded the Salisbury Gazette in 1816. Other sources suggest he was Proprietor and Publisher of “Devizes & Wilts Gazette”. A letter from a George Simpson from Devizes mentioned a son of George and Mary who was a mining engineer who spent five years in Western Australia, two of them in charge of the plant at the Gwalia Consolidated Gold Mine at Wiluna (dates uncertain, but this was during the period of Herbert Hoover management from 1897). This does not fit with the known children of George and Mary, but it could with a grandchild, however, this has not been researched.

Mary and George had six children:

  • George Simpson II born in Old Sarum, Wiltshire about 1820[2]. He married Jane Priestly in Wiltshire about 1858. From the data collected it appears George Simpson II was the only child to marry and he and Jane had eight children.  His occupation was that of Printer, possibly learning his trade from his father.
  • Charlotte Simpson born about 1825.  Probably married William Brown[3].  He was a widower whose occupation was Debenture and Mortgage Holder.  He was born about 1800 and died about 1869.  William was living in the Castle Grounds, Devizes St John Ecclesiastical Parish according to the 1861 English Census.  The 1871 Census lists Charlotte at the same address and her status as widow.
  • Thomas Flindell Simpson born about 1826 and died on August 4th 1852 aged of 26 years[4]. Thomas was listed in the 1851 English Census as a Clerk in Somerset House, against which was added “Inland Revenue”.
  • Richard Jonah Simpson born about 1828 and died on December 15th 1860 aged 32 years.
  • Louisa Simpson born about 1830 and died on August 13th 1877 aged 47 years[5].  She is listed in the 1871 census as unmarried, age 41, living with her widowed mother Mary at  12 and 13 Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire.
  • Frank Simpson born about 1834. The only reference found to Frank was the 1851 English Census, which gave his age as 17 years.  In a letter to George Simpson dated September 1913, Francis Richard Flindell stated Frank Simpson was with him in the mourning coach for the funeral of his Aunt Anne Conquer (nee Flindell) in 1881.  He added he “was something at Somerset House in the Strand”.  He also stated “he lived up the Thames at Twickenham I think”.

This appears to have been a close family in life and so it was in death. There are no less than ten Simpson spanning three generations buried at St John the Baptist Church in Wiltshire.

George died in Devizes in 1871[6].  Mary died in Devizes, Wiltshire on June 2nd 1874[7].  Both are buried at St John the Baptist Church, Wiltshire, adjacent to other Simpson graves.

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