Sarah Flindell (1764-1848)

Sarah was born in Cornwall, the fourth child of Thomas and Alice Flindell.  She was baptised at Manaccan on October 16th, 1764[1].  On September 8th, 1781[2] Sarah married Charles Smith (also recorded as Smyth), mariner, at Mylor, Cornwall.

Family lore has it that she married “beneath” herself which may have been why she did not marry at Manaccan.   Sarah’s brother Thomas made provision in his Will for his sister “Sarah Smyth of Holstone (Helston) in Cornwall, widow”.  This confirms Sarah married Charles Smyth and that both Charles and her brother Thomas pre-decreased her.  Indeed, Sarah was widowed almost a year after her marriage.  Charles Smith was buried at Manaccan on August 2nd 1782[3].  That he was buried at the Church where Thomas, Alice and family worshipped and were also buried may indicate that the reason why Charles had been shunned by the family was laid to rest.

It is not known if Sarah had children, but online searches have not found a related baptism.

Sarah died at Coinage Hall St, Helston in 1848[4].

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