John Brunton Flindell (Circa 1797-1849)

John Brunton Flindell was born about 1797, probably in Doncaster, Yorkshire, the third child and second son of Thomas Flindell and Mary Brunton.  At the time his father was working for the Doncaster Gazette.  The family moved to Helston, Cornwall from Doncaster in 1798, where on April 15th 1798 John Brunton, his elder sister Mary and elder brother Thomas were baptised.  In 1800 the family again moved, this time a short distance to Falmouth where his father continued his printing business.  The following year Thomas founded the Cornwall Gazette and Falmouth Packet. These were hard times for the family and in July 1803 the family again moved, this time to Truro.  (See Thomas Flindell II).

John Brunton married Anne Margaret Hemer at Christ Church, Southwark in London on March 30th 1834[1].    Anne was born May 11th 1803.  She was the daughter of Robert Hemer and Mary Goss.  Anne is recorded as being baptised at St Olive’s, Exeter in Devon on March 8th 1818[2].  Her parents married at St David’s, Exeter on February 1st 1787.  Given her parents had been married 16 years before she was born, there are likely to be older siblings.  Perhaps also, there is a Devon connection with the families which may have contributed to John and Anne marrying in London.

John and Anne had at least one child; Mary Anne Elizabeth Flindell, born in Greater London on June 7th, 1842[3].  She was baptised on June 23rd, 1843 at St Marks, Kennington, Surrey[4].  In 1878 Mary married her first cousin, Thomas Flindell Bate, son of Thomas and Sarah, John’s younger sister. (See Thomas Bate)

Whether John and Anne had any other children is not known.  Noting Mary Anne was a year old when she was baptised it is possible that a younger child was baptised at the same time, but this is speculation.

As might be expected, John and his older brother Thomas learnt the printing trade from their father.  There are several references to them working together in London, including the The British Library’s, “British Poetry of the Romantic Period Catalogue” online records:

  • The Literary Souvenir or Cabinet of poetry and romance edited by Alaric A. Watts. London and Printed by T. and J.B. Flindell, 67 St Martin’s Lane.
  • The Stanley Tales, Original and Select, chiefly Collected by the Late Ambrose Marten, of Stanley Priory, Teesdale, Published by W. Morgan, 45, Dean-Street, Soho, 1826-27 and Printed by T. and J. B. Flindell, 67, St. Martin’s-Lane. 6 vols.
  • The Troubadore “A Catalogue of Pictures and Historical Sketches” by Letitia Elizabeth Landon (1802 -1838), published by T and J.B. Flindell, 8 North Street, Lambeth, London

John Brunton Flindell died in 1849 at Marylebone, London[5].  He would have been about 52.  Did Anne Margaret outlive John and if so did she remarry?  Research has not turned up any information.

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